Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 25, 03:12 AM
    i thought this from my first post, but his join date is 08, and he's a regular. that is what has me thinking that what he is saying is really how he thinks/acts.

    I don't doubt that he goes around cutting people off at dangerous speeds. That screams of trying to make himself feel like less of a loser.

    It's all the other crap that I think is BS...the money, connected family members, SAT score, all of the volunteering, Harvard. Complete lies. The kid is sitting in his basement listening to death metal (no offense to those who like that kind of music) as we speak and cursing all of the girls in his class because nobody would be caught dead at Prom with him.

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  • NebulaClash
    Mar 30, 11:52 AM
    Oooh! Grammar Nazis fighting for high stakes!

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  • BoyBach
    Aug 23, 05:52 PM
    This settlement may well be the final 'installment' in the Creative Story, who have been losing money like it's going out of fashion. Since they cannot sue Apple again over the menu system, they need to start making money the 'old-fashioned way' by selling products. But of course, in the near future Creative's major rival will not be the iPod, but Microsoft's Zune and Sandisk players...

    Then again, disregard all of the above since they'll probably try suing Microsoft instead, to keep afloat for another year!

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  • rmwebs
    Apr 28, 04:23 PM
    Another nickel in the bank.
    Image (

    You do realize that this image could end up biting Apple in the butt? In 3 years time the iPad will be where the iPhone is now: Loosing some (not all) of its marketshare to the knockoffs.

    Unless Apple has a new iToy (I.e not an MP3 player, phone or tablet) ready for say 3-4 years from now, they wont get any bigger than they now are.

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  • MacFever
    Mar 23, 08:14 PM
    would be nice to see.....macbook air refresh with sandybridge and thunderbolt. :D:D

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  • bedifferent
    May 3, 11:33 AM
    Great update� waiting for the usual suspects to come around to list any [unreasonable] cons :p�

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  • Some_Big_Spoon
    Sep 10, 11:22 PM
    I'm still taken aback by Sun doing what Intel's doing now, but doing it 8-10 years ago. What the heck happened to SUN?

    Were you reading propaganda from Sun, or something from an unbiased source?

    The P6 systems that you're talking about in the mid '90s were very similar in architecture to today's Intel systems.

    The P6 systems had a shared FSB, so memory bandwidth was shared by the two processors. The SPARC systems usually had a crossbar switch, so that in theory each CPU had a private memory path. (The Woodcrest systems have an FSB per socket, to a shared memory controller.)

    While the crossbar really shined when you had 32, 64 or more processors with many, many GiB of RAM - for a dual CPU system it really wasn't worth the cost.

    Woodcrest, the PPC G5, and AMD aren't using crossbar memory controllers today....

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  • 10layers
    Sep 4, 07:49 PM
    This is exactly what we have been predicting in the article Apple movie downloads soon, what about the TV?. (

    Apple has been driving iPod sales with music sales. We think that they will be driving some new device sales with movie sales. In addition, we do not think that movie downloads will go mainstream until it is convenient to view them on the best device: your home entertainment system. This is what Apple has been redying before launching movie downloads. Apple want the picture to be complete.

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  • MyAccount
    Mar 29, 03:36 PM
    The part saying that BlackBerry would only lose less than 1% market share was enough to prove that this is bull

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  • macjonny1
    Apr 25, 03:23 PM
    In the market for a 17" to replace my 2007 version. Not interested in getting rid of the optical drive as I still use it to watch DVDs on it (have Netflix and the streaming content is far from being complete). The current one seems to have everything that I'm looking for. I'd like a SSD but they are just too much $$$ now.

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  • macquariumguy
    Mar 23, 04:18 PM
    Don't do it Apple!

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  • Eggtastic
    Apr 25, 01:50 PM
    not cool. i was hoping to sell my 06' MBP to upgrade to hopefully an updated MBA line. but now this means i have to wait more...

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  • notabadname
    Apr 19, 12:42 PM
    Well of course they will respond "strongly". As if they would respond with a; "Yep, you got us on this one, where do we send the Billion dollar check".

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  • kenaustus
    Mar 29, 12:02 PM
    Basically the prediction is that the combined Symbian & Windows phone market will fall from 26%+ to 21%. And how much did MS pay for that market share decrease?

    Overall I believe that Apple will retain a very strong (and very profitable) position, some of the Android phone makers will fall to the way side (just like in the PC markets) and RIM will fall a lot more than is shown.

    The major challenge for some of these companies will be the limited funds available for R&D, making it far more difficult for them to maintain a strong market position.

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  • mlochm
    Sep 13, 11:34 PM
    I just do not think Apple is going to introduce a cellular phone. The ideas sound great around here, but I don't see any good busness model for such a device. What is Apple going to make money on selling such a product?

    everything- thats the point. It completes the picture, as SJ has said. They make money on increasing the functionality of everything. Now that you can use an iPod to transport songs seemlessly into iTunes on other computers (authorized ones...) I'm sure that this will be something of use in the iPhone- For example- if you're out and about in the world, and someone gives you their phone number, you save it to your contacts. When you get home and plug in your phone to the computer to charge, it syncs with address book. In turn, address book syncs the phone number you were emailed this morning to your iPhone. I don't even use address book but I would under those conditions. Thing I would love to see in the phone is bluetooth connectivity. as in it could be a bluetooth handset for a phone you already have. And when your contract is up with -insert your provider- you can get service with apple. That would be be nifty.

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  • Dalton63841
    Apr 25, 02:54 AM
    You certainly ain't the only one. Obvious troll is obvious.

    And it only took 5 pages and 105 posts to figure that out LOL.

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  • Benjamins
    Mar 29, 12:45 PM
    IF Apple is really serious about dominating the market, BOGO will easily push their market share up a few points.

    But something tells me they don't really care.

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  • children
    Apr 25, 06:39 PM
    i knew i should have held on a year longer :( i guess its ebay time in 6 months for my quad 17..

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  • eddieairplanes
    May 3, 12:37 PM
    Anyone know how long it usually takes Amazon to get these in?

    Mar 22, 01:44 PM
    Like Squirrels you must store these "Mac" rumor articles, for the cold, iOS rumor months to follow. ;)

    Boy howdy!

    I'm a'gonna hold on to this rumour as much as possible....oh man, what's that next thread coming up?

    Shucks-another iOS/iPhone rumour!:p

    Apr 25, 01:16 PM
    I didn't want to buy it because i had a feeling 2012 will be new design but i had to buy it because i needed a mac and couldn't wait another year!

    and its not like the 2011 MBP's are the same old thing just with thunderbolt! It had a faster processer (with **** GPU in the 13" lol)

    Umm, you do realize the processor can be 10000000x faster, the system is still completely hammed by the 5600rpm hard drive they put in there. Most tasks are faster on an Air then a 17" Pro. And if you're doing heavy lifting get a Mac Pro. People who bought the new processors don't enjoy the benefits 90% of the time.

    You must be a spec sheet reader, not someone who intelligently analyzes what they buy.

    Sep 10, 02:05 PM
    I'm right with you when you say "that some of us want the power of a desktop but dont have the budget for the xeon range." Also I dont like all in one solutions. However, the 24" might be apple's way of saying that's close enough.

    I agree with you (and I realize I'm preaching to the choir here) but I would argue that in some ways, a 24" AIO is even worse than a 17"/20" AIO, due to the sizable (no pun intended) investment in the display. If your 17" iMac bites the big one, but the display is still fine, well, okay, you have to throw away a perfectly good 17" display. But they're fairly cheap these days, so whatever. However, what if something goes a year or so from now on your 24" iMac? For me at least, throwing away a perfectly good, high quality 24" display would really suck. :cool:

    Mar 30, 11:46 AM
    This whole thing is getting silly. Seriously MS, do something better with your money.

    Sep 14, 10:38 PM
    Not sure why people would get excited about an iCamera. There are many excellent DSLRs out now from companies that have a lot more expertise in building cameras than Apple. I'd rather have a Canon Rebel XT or maybe that new Pentax.

    by the looks of the description he/she gave of the "iCamera" or "iDSLR," it was a joke. that's just my take though.

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