Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hope Solo Single

US women’s goalie Hope Solo needs a little love right now. After her rant at US Women’s coach Greg Ryan, who had benched her in favour of Briana Scurry for the World Cup semi final against Brazil (which the US lost 3-0), she was cast out by Ryan and ostracised by team-mates.
Solo played no part at all in the US’s third-place playoff game against China. Ryan made a point of leaving her out in the cold whilst praising her 20 team-mates: ‘We have moved forward with 20 players who have stood by each other, who have battled for each other…’
Oucheroo! Solo was then ignored by team-mates at the US’s team hotel in China, although reports say that some have now forgiven her for the outburst, including Scurry, who along with Ryan bore the brunt of the tirade.
Let’s cut Hope some slack here. She was pissed off and said some dumb things in the heat of the moment, most of all that she could have saved some of the goals Scurry conceded. But then she’s a young dumb athlete – what do you expect? Like most young dumb athletes, she hates to lose. And here I quote from her official MySpace page:
‘I am such a dork when it comes to anything that is potentially competitive. I have the ability to turn a catch phrase or connect four game into a battlefield.’
You said it Hope.
Solo’s MySpace page, which seems genuine, also reveals that she’s single and has, at time of posting, 1675 friends. Send her a message of support, Piesfolk. She could use it.

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